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Sunday 18 February 2018

A Sunday Single #7

I am reliably informed that Mrs CC's sister was The Cure fan of the family, so presumably this is one of hers.

In Between Days was released in 1985 and was the first single from the album  The Head on the Door.
It only reached number 15 in the charts but hung around for 10 weeks.
Interestingly although they released some great singles they only troubled the Top 10 on 2 occasions with The Love Cats peaking  at number 7 and Lullaby at number 5.
I suspect all but the most ardent Cure fans if quizzed wouldn't come up with Lullaby being their biggest hit and would probably also be surprised that Boy's Don't Cry only reached 22.

There is debate as to the spacing and title of the song but In Between Days seems to be the one most quoted.

The Cure - In Between Days

The Cure - The Exploding Boy


  1. Why "Why Can't I Be You?" wasn't a megasmash hit is beyond me. And "Just Like Heaven" is pretty fab too. I was never a huge fan, but they produced some great pop singles - and anyone who doesn't think that "10.15 Saturday Night" from the Peel Sessions is the bees knees is, in my humble opinion, beyond all hope.

  2. This is a cracking single. And the ones Gram mentioned are too. Plus the 12" version of The Forest.

  3. I enjoy various stages of The Cure's output to differing degrees, but Head on the Door is probably my favourite album.

  4. It's Pictures Of You for me. Like most of you, I was never a Cure devotee, but there's no doubt they made some quite brilliant tunes over the course of their career. Head On The Door was the first Cure album I ever bought.

  5. I agree with all the comments above. Catch and Just Like Heaven are my favourite Cure songs. It's the romantic in me but Head In The Door is the best album for me.

  6. In Between Days was the song that took The Cure to a new level. It may not have lit the charts of fire, but it gained them a lot more Worldwide notice. In The States it gained them a good deal more radio exposure.

  7. Echorich is right on. This was the first song that broke through in America. Swede is right on too. This comes from my favorite Cure album. I like many songs by them by that’s the only album I truly love. The next album would be the last one I would buy. Then, of course, came the smash hits over here, and I disliked them all.