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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Time to Right Two Gigantic Wrongs

Over 1800 posts in and the Pixies have never appeared on these pages.I'll say that again. The Pixies have never featured.

Frank Black and the Catholics appeared as part of my Burnt Offering series but never the Pixies.
I was sure that Kim Deal had appeared as part of The Breeders with the brilliant Cannonball but apparently not. Another shocking omission.

I saw them at Meadowbank alongside Idlewild and Teenage Fanclub and yet  they still have never featured.

This monkey clearly ain't going to heaven.

Pixies -Gigantic

Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven

The Breeders - Cannonball


  1. Redemption is yours my child. Now go say three Kim Deals and play Debaser on repeat very loudly...

  2. Shocked and appalled. These three stormers kinda make amends though.

  3. I'm wondering who else hasn't featured in those 1800 posts. I'm fairly sure I've never seen Dumpys Rusty Nuts or Dr Feelgood.

    1. Never heard of Dumpys Rusty Nuts but Dr Feelgood is indeed another glaring omission (although Wilko has featured)

  4. I am occasionally shocked to discover a band's never been featured on my blog... But I don't think I've ever had one as big as this!

  5. Anybody out there heard anything from the new Breeders album? Saw Pixies twice... once in their heyday and once during the never ending Doolittle anniversary tour. That second show, Deal was the one that really carried it. To me, no Deal is a dealbreaker when seeing Pixies.

  6. I was also at that Meadowbank show.....totally ruined by the strong wind that messed up the sound for all three bands. One of the biggest let downs of my life.

  7. Saw Pixies a few times but most memorably at Sheff City Hall in the year god knows when. I was in the circle that night (get me!) and I swear that the heaving, go mental crowd in the stalls below moving to MGTH remains the most fantastic sight I've seen at any gig, ever. I can see it now. Wonderful. For contrast though the Breeders gig I saw at the student's union must've been one of the worst. Such a shame as Cannonball is a great track. Wracking my brain to recall the support band that night, they had a 'hit' song I hated and they were poor but still eclipsed Tanya and her mates. Nope can't recall 'em

  8. Right, got it! Just checked, he support band were Urge Overkill and their soundtrack 'hit' was Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon. I shudder even to type it. Ughh!