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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Consternation in Lochgilphead

One of the joys of frequenting charity shops is watching lovely old ladies trying to come to terms with computerised tills.
What do I do with Gift Aid? Do records come under media?  I think I've pressed the wrong button.

The two ladies in the Red Cross shop in Lochgilphead were enjoying some banter with an elderly gentleman and the glitches with the till took a while to resolve.
I them handed over the two CD's featured earlier in the week and two LPs.
The first was the Soundtrack to Local Hero a particular favourite of Mrs CC .One of the ladies rang it up on the till and then came to the album above which had been hidden underneath it.
"Oh my goodness" she said to her friend before quickly turning it over then muttering "Oh it's the same on both sides"
A cover you probably wouldn't get away with today and my apologies to my new found  friends although it did give them something to talk about!

Average White Band - Cut The Cake

Average White Band - You Got It


  1. Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud. One or more of those statements is true for 95% of my charity shop visits. When a transaction is taking an eternity to process, I always feel the urge to lean over and help, but of course I can't.

  2. A great band. Only time I saw them live was after their 2nd album when they did a jam session one Saturday lunchtime at a pub in Perth.

  3. Mrs. CC has good taste in film. Bill Forsyth was on quite a run as a director in those days. He has much to do with my love for your land.

  4. As someone who used to work in a charity shop, those old ladies have my sympathy.

    Was she turning it over to see if there was the reverse view on the other side? They sounded almost disappointed...

    1. That was exactly what I was thinking about the cover!

  5. Yes, the 'old ladies' hesitancy about what to do/how to ring up sales is great, so sweet of course. I particularly love it when they have a younger colleague alongside who's more than capable but doesn't really want to interfere and patronise their senior. To say it's excruciating doesn't do justice to the word!!!!