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Saturday 17 February 2018

Covered By Cash - The Devil's Right Hand

The Man in Black is back! After 5 straight defeats on the bounce Johnny finally gets another win this time over Gordon Lightfoot with If You Could Read My Mind.
That takes the scores back to Cash 8 The Rest 8. This one could go right to the wire.

I was struggling a bit for material and then my mind turned to the Unearthed compilation.I don't own it but fortunately I know a man who does so thank you George.
This week Johnny is up against Steve Earle  with The Devil's Right Hand.
I've gone for the live version from Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator as opposed to the studio version on Copperhead Road. a) because I think it's better and b) it is less hassle to rip from the CD as opposed to vinyl.
It's another tough call this week as it is a song and subject matter that are right up Johnny's street.Two slightly different version and I am giving it to Steve as he gives it slightly more oomph.

Others, of course may chose to disagree

Johnny Cash - Devil's Right Hand

Steve Earle & the Dukes -The Devil's Right Hand


  1. Steve & The Dukes for me.

    One of my favourite Steve Earle songs. Waylon Jennings also did a great cover of this on his 1986 album "Will the Wolf Survive"

  2. Johnny for me, though I agree with Gram, Waylon's version is worth checking out.

  3. Steve definitely has more bite.

  4. Steve on this version. Would've given it to Johnny if it was the Highwaymen.

  5. This song was new to me until now so it was an easy decision to side with Johnny. Incidentally, this reference to the album Will The Wolf Survive confused me as I thought Los Lobos had a similarly titled album. On checking I'm correct and LL's album How Will The Wolf Survive came out 2 years earlier in '84. Incidentally it's a truly great must hear album!