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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


When I featured Josh Rouse in my Burnt Offerings series (number 9 since you asked) Rol commented that while he never knocks me socks off, he always manage to deliver some decent tunes. 
 This was a view that was shared by other commentators including myself.

I've always had him down as Americana artist.
However it appears that I may not have got my genres  or my views entirely correct if his fourth album 1972 (released in 2003 on Rykodisc) and a recent charity shop purchase (and a find) is anything to go by.
A re-listen to my burn of 2007's Country Mouse City House also confirms my initial misdiagnosis.
Sure there are Americana elements but I'm also hearing pop, some jazz noodling, a touch of gospel and some Shuggie Otis style psychedelia along with the occasional homage to 1970's bands.

Josh Rouse - Love Vibration

Josh Rouse - Sparrows Over Birmingham


  1. I'm storing the title track away for Rol's Hot 100 Countdown

  2. This is probably my favourite Josh Rouse album, and I love the title track (particularly as it's the year of my birth). However, I doubt it'll feature in the Hot 100 as I really am trying to avoid years.

    It did feature here though:

  3. I think I defended Mr Rouse last time round....I'm a fan!