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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Hello My Captor

This is a bit of a strange one.
I know how a copy of Hello My Captor by The Amazing Pilots ended up on the shelves. It is a burn from my pal Gogs.
What I don't know is how he stumbled across it given it is somewhat different to what he normally listens to (Americana, The Fall and Teenage Fanclub) or quite why I got a copy.
From 2005 on Undertow Records it is a perfectly acceptable piece of indie rock from Northern Irish brothers Paul and Phil Wilkinson .
Other than that I know no more.
I don't recall ever having seen them live but I could well be wrong.
One I haven't played for years but quite enjoyed when I recently got round to giving it a listen.

The Amazing Pilots - All My Wasted Days

The Amazing Pilots -I Don't know Where Are You

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