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Sunday 4 February 2018

A Sunday Single # 5

The first of the job lot belonging to Mrs CC and one of the best of the bunch if not the best. Mrs CC claims it was one of hers.
The title track from Absolute Beginners the film by Julian Temple based on the book by Colin MacInnes.
As well as Bowie the film features fellow musicians Ray Davies, Sade and Patsy Kensit.
Both Steve Nieve and Rick Wakeman provide keyboards on the single.

The film pretty much bombed but the single was a resounding success reaching number 2 in the UK  singles chart following its release on 3rd March 1986
You are only getting the A-side as the B-side Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix) kept sticking. Consider yourselves fortunate

David Bowie - Absolute Beginners

We are off to Ballachulish for an overnight so there is every chance we may hit the charity shops of Fort William and/or Oban. Stay tuned.


  1. I read the book and saw the movie but can't say that impressed me much. Probably it's a very British thing that never happened to my in any way. But this song is great. Thank you CC

  2. Have to ask... did you get the 7” or the 12”? I have both, but I’m partial to the long version. This and Loving the Alien are the high-water marks from this decade post Scary Monsters. Love it.

    1. The 7'' Brian.
      This series is strictly seven inch!

  3. Great song- like Brian I'm partial the 12" version but the 7" will do

  4. I remember the hype surrounding the film going through the roof in the run up to its release and after seeing it thinking the single good thing about it was the Bowie song.


  5. Quality britsh film let down by the song.........

  6. I think George is in a minority here - this is by far the best thing Bowie did in the 80s post-Scary Monsters. An absolute belter.

  7. For me the best thing that Bowie ever did.
    I enjoyed the film and it was responsible for me buying my first scooter and my second was a Vintage 63 GS similar to the one in the film. Watched the film a year or so ago and it still stands up. Mr Bowie wears a particularly sharp blue suit in it. Ah, and Patsy!

  8. Great song so thanks for sharing. As for Mr Bowie he looked seriously good-looking during this era and so different from earlier incarnations - A real chameleon, in a good way.

  9. One of Bowie's best.
    Often forgotten, or an afterthought, when it comes to calling DBs top tracks.

  10. Never saw the film (heard too much bad press, put me off!) - but absolutely loved the book, along with Mr Love and Justice by Colin McInnes. Real timepieces, highly recommended!

  11. Often overlooked when discussing best Bowie tracks, great choice CC.

  12. I did see the movie, and it was a visually pleasing production, but did nothing to match the book. I am with C and actually include both Absolute Beginners and even moreso, Mr. Love And Justice as two of my favorite novels.
    I think for the most part, the music for the film was excellent. The Style Council reworked one of their difficult numbers into a New Jazz Pop classic as we, Sade's Killer Blow is among my favorites of the chanteuse's work.

  13. The soundtrack is great Echorich isn't it. I'm with you with Sade and The Style Council. I love Gil Evans Absolute Beginners (refrain) but it's too bloody short. Slim Gallard's Selling Out and So What by Smiley Culture are also magic. Hell it's all very good apart from Mr Bowie's other two tracks, I can live without That's Motivation and Volare.