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Monday 12 February 2018

More Lushious Sounds

You may be surprised to see Lush reappearing so quickly after their recent debut post. However I received a request from SWC from the ever  wonderful The Sound of Being Ok asking whether I would post the other two songs from the single. Who am I to deny the great man?

Look out for one of their albums appearing on their countdown of The Best Britpop Albums in the World ... Ever  with a beautifully written and highly amusing  anecdote by one of the Triumvirate tenuously linked to the tracks on offer

Lush - Heavenly

Lush -Plums and Oranges

I hit the 500,000 page views stat last week. I would have been more excited had it not been for the bot invasion of the last month or so.
The 7500 plus comments is a much more significant statistic!


  1. Lovely thanks. And you are correct. Love life will feature in the brit pop rundown.
    You know us well

  2. Very "Lush" indeed.

    Congrats on the stats - A momentous amount of views and comments so well done.


  3. Heavenly is really surprising. One that I think you could have posted up and asked readers to guess who it was and most would have got it wrong.