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Friday, 23 February 2018

Ooh - La - La! - Old Favourites

As promised/threatened I am revisiting the Uncut compilation Ooh -La -La! Rock'n' Roll in the Spirit of the Faces which I featured last week
This time around I am focusing on acts that I am familiar with and who have graced these pages before albeit somewhat briefly.
The Detroit based band The Deadstring Brothers are the ones who probably come closes to emulating the Faces. There is a touch of the Rolling Stones in there too. I saw them at the old Stereo bar in Glasgow's Kelvinhaugh street where they put on a stonking show.
This song is taken from their 2007 album Silver Mountain on the ever wonderful Bloodshot  label.
Okkervil River are an Austin band and  name from a short story by Russian author  Tatanya Tolstaya on the river in St Petersburg but then you probably knew that already.
This is from their 2007 album The Stage Names  on Jagjaguwar which is the one after their best known record 2005's Black Sheep Boy.

Deadstring Brothers - Queen of the Scene

Okkervil River - Unless It Kicks


  1. I've got CDs by both these bands downstairs, but couldn't remember what either sounded like until playing the tunes. Enjoyed the Okkervil River track most out of the two.

  2. Oh, that Okkervil River. Yes, of course. Ha! I jumped on this band early but have completely lost track of them. Really should catch up.

  3. I was obsessed by Okkervil River for a time, but their last couple of records just haven't done it for me. This one was pretty good though.

  4. Here's the thing...(Don't you you just hate it when someone says here's the thing?) I've got 5 Okkervil River albums and yet on reflection I can't especially recall any of their tracks even though I recently played them all in my A-Z CD trawl. Maybe that says more about the state of my senescent 64 yr old mind than their qualities. That said check out 'Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe' and 'On Tour With Zykos'. By the way all 5 CDs survived the cull so perhaps there's more to them than I realise!