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Sunday 25 February 2018

A Sunday Single # 8

This series seems to be currently stuck in the 80's - obviously the peak single purchasing period of Mrs CC and her sister.
From March 1984 People Are People was Depeche Mode's 10th single and their biggest hit peaking at number 4 during a 10 week residence in the UK singles charts. It is also the one that first brought them to the attention of our American friends.
Despite it's success its writer Martin Gore describes it as one of his least favourite songs and has not performed it live since 1988. Popstars can be quite obtuse.
The b-side In Your Memory written by Alan Wilder is pretty tasty.

Depeche Mode - People Are People

Depeche Mode - In Your Memory


  1. A band I didn't take too much heed of back in the '80s (so baby faced back then!) but have come to appreciate more over the years. Mrs CC and her sister were obviously smarter than I back then.

  2. You are correct about this one breaking through in America. As so often seems to happen with me, this was one of their first singles I didn’t like. Always going against the grain. Can’t fault them for the message though.