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Friday, 9 February 2018

No Longer a Smog Free Zone

I'm happy to report that the muso room is no longer a Smog free zone thanks to the acquisition of Cold Blooded Old Times a 1999 CD single on the Domino label by Bill Callahan in his Smog guise.
I've been meaning to get some of his stuff for a while so it was a pleasant surprise to find this in an Oban charity shop.

I wasn't aware that this had appeared on the Hi Fidelity sound track although it did sound vaguely familiar.
Described by AV Music as almost too sad to listen to.
With lyrics like The type of memories that turn your bones to glass you can see why.

The second track featured takes a wee while to get going but it is well worth persevering with.
I think I need more Smog in my life.

Smog - Cold Blooded Old Times

Smog - I Break Horses


  1. Love this. It was the track that introduced me to Smog (through HF). Sad but immensely catchy.

  2. Likewise, love this. And was also introduced via the HF soundtrack.

  3. How lucky you are to be at the start of your Smog/BC love affair. My entry was Peel of course, 98/99? anyway as Rol say CBOT is catchy as hell but has such a sadness drag you can feel it scraping your very soul. Check out also Dress Sexy At My Funeral & Ex-Con amongst his early stuff. He's criminally unknown (pun unintended) and people will look at you blankly as you laud him. Blood Red Bird is another spare, echoey, electric guitar/drum track to check out. As for his 10 or so later albums......