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Saturday 3 February 2018

Covered by Cash - Redemption Song

Well I didn't see last week's result coming. Seems that I was the only one. A resounding victory for Neil Diamond and his single version of Solitary Man.
Which means that for the fourth successive week that the Man in Black has been defeated and that therefore the scores are now even at Cash 7 The Rest 7

Maybe this week's selection will stop the rot.  But then again maybe not. Yet again Johnny calls for haunners and he is ably assisted by Joe Strummer when up against Bob Marley with  their respective versions of Redemption Song.
Their version didn't make the American Recordings series ,which shows the depth and quality of the songs on offer, but made an appearance on the 2003 Unearthed box set.
I featured the two versions before last March  but didn't put them to the vote on that occasion.

This time I'm making you choose and it is a really tough call. Three absolute legends all of who are sadly no longer with us.
For me this is probably the toughest yet but I am going for Bob but only just.
Others, of course, may choose to disagree.

Johnny Cash (with Joe Strummer) - Redemption Song

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Redemption Song


  1. Johnny Cash. Easily Johnny Cash.

  2. Marley, but I have a weak spot the Cash/Strummer combination too.

  3. Despite Joe's presence its difficult to vote against Bob Marley. So, Bob, by a margin

  4. Interesting how this series is panning out, perhaps not quite as expected. It's Bob for me too.

  5. My god, this is like JC's ICA World Cup! I'm not sure I can call this one, I adore both versions for their own qualities. Right at this moment, I'm going to go for...... Bob.

    I might be back later when I change my mind.

  6. Kind of sacrilegious to go against Marley but, in this case, the combination of Strummer and Cash is just too good an idea. Johnny this time.

  7. Going Johnny/Joe but feel the same way as JTFL.

  8. Bob Marley wins out this time.

  9. As stupid as this might seem to say, but the two versions are not really comparable, at least that's what I think. As a pure reggae record, Bob did a very fine job back then. But here Cash/Strummer win.

  10. As Dirk said - you can't compare. Two good versions of one song but I have to decide for Strummer/Cash

  11. OK....I said I wouldn't get involved in this as I missed so many of the early contests, but given I'm spending most of my time asking folk to make choices, (some of which are tough...and believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet!), I better do my duty and offer an opinion.

    Joe & Johnny for me. If only for the fact that the idea of a Country singer and a Punk joining forces to cover a Reggae classic sounds so ridiculous that it should be awful. And yet, it is anything but.

  12. Soft spot as I have for the JC/JS version any song with lyrics 'old pirates they rob I...sold to the merchant ships.....from the bottomless pit.....mental slavery' etc just has to be owned by and belong to Bob.