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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Peel Sessions - The Specials

I only own a couple of The Peel Session EPs on Strange Fruit Records.
One that I do have  is SFPS018  the Artist being The Specials recorded on 23rd May 1979 and first broadcast on 29th May  1979 with production by John Sparrow.

The band as listed as Terry Hall, Jerry Dammers, Roddy Radiation, Sir Horace Gentleman and Neville Staples.
This is side 1.I suspect that I will be forced to feature side 2 shortly.

They recorded a furter two sessions on 12th January and 23rd October 1980 and one as The Special AKA on 12th September 1983.

The Specials were pretty special.

The Specials - Gangsters (Peel Session)

The Specials - Too Much Too Young (Peel Session)


  1. forget this load of old nonsense..............there's a new U2 album out!!!!!!

  2. Good one, George! Before the age of deluxe editions, these Peel Session EPs were essential. Pretty easy to get this stuff these days, but there is still something special about holding one of these relics from Strange Fruit.

  3. Yes, I'm in love with Love today and The Specials were special! Went to see them in '79 whilst on the 2 Tone Tour (not easy to say!). Excellent and a whole new sound for '70s kids who had missed out on earlier ska.