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Thursday 16 November 2017

Bridges Not Walls

As the British Government debates the EU Withdrawal Bill I can't get Billy Bragg's new single Full English Brexit out of my head.
I first heard it when Walter posted it a couple of weeks ago and I immediately ordered up Bridges Not Walls - a CD featuring Billy's last 6 singles.
Powerful songs of protest but sadly too few are listening. Buy it and don't be one of them
A country which voted to Leave after having been told a pack of lies and fed xenophobic hatred by a bunch of public school boys reenacting a playground spat.
Truly an Accident Waiting to Happen

Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting to Happen


  1. I wasn't fed xenophobic hatred, nor do I follow public schoolboys. Cameron and Co love the EU... cheap labour, few controls on Companies, Law created purely for Corporations, the EU were ready to sign us into the unbelievable Transatlantic Trade Extortion Deal with the US. I watched every Industry in my country being shafted by Europe and first EcoSoc, then The Common Market, then the EEC then the EU.
    I'm glad Billy Bragg is still making records. But do not confuse reasonable conclusions and democratic votes cast with confused Liberal Reactionary thinking, their finger pointing and their groundless labelling of free-thinking democratic citizens.

    1. Although in the interests of balance I think I should point that, judging by Anon's comments, confused thinking and finger pointing is not the sole preserve of Liberal Reactionaries. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticise the EU, but the idea that it was the EU that prevented us plucky Brits from standing up to evil companies is not one of them. As a former servant of the Crown who had to deal with the EU a few times over the years, in my experience it was invariably the UK government that was most resistant to protecting workers and consumers rights. And I don't really se any signs of that changing.

    2. Absolutely Ernie. The EEC buttered the bread and the UK Govt fed it to us. It took some long enough to realise exactly what the brown filling in the sandwich was. Despite Thatcher's and - later - Cameron's "stance" on the EU... they loved it. Reduced the UK to a minimum wage economy (cheers for doing that for them Tony!) which had sold ALL the family silver. Brilliant! If the now very troubled Angela Merkel had her way... the US Multinationals would right now be suing the arse off the British NHS for obstructing their right to move in and run Healthcare in the UK. That is where Europe was taking us... without our consent.

  2. So it is CC.

    I still think that they were all duped. But the bankers will be okay. I think anon is confusing Europe with Thatcher with the culling of Industry. Hey but what do I know.

    I do know that 16 European cities want to house EMA and that the amount of research in that field coming through for the UK has drastically decreased.
    But as long as Parliament will pass the laws we will be fine. What Parliament will not have a meaningful vote on the outcome of the negotiations and the bill will get ascent through Henry VIII laws. Surely some mistake?

  3. Ah, you guys. When push comes to shove, I’ll always go with Mr. Bragg.

  4. Right! Fucking, fucking Hell! This has emboldened me. Charity Chic don't you dare feel put in place by some reactionary twattish xenophobe who hides behind a fucking anonymous alias. I'll reserve further comment until/unless this illberal Putin cock sucking acolyte does us the democratic courtesy of revealing his true ID.
    All things said and done, this is just a music blog and I sincerely apologise to all regular contributors for my immoderate language!

  5. so sorry I missed this debate. But I'll still claim expenses...