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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Ms Guðmundsdóttir

I haven't featured Bjork very much on these pages probably because the last time I did so I received a DMCA takedown notice.
We'll see how we get on today.
The world's most famous Icelander is one of those artists who I didn't really get into at the time but quite like now.
Back then I was totally immersed in Americana and probably thought her a bit weird and slightly out my comfort zone.
Now I still think she is a bit weird but I have grown to appreciate her music having picked up 3 or 4 of her records on my charity shop trawls

Bjork - Joga

Bjork - Venus aa a Boy


  1. As soon as I saw the title of this post I knew it was going to be about Bjork as she was the featured artist over at my place yesterday and it was only then that I discovered her surname!

    Seems that you guys are not too keen on the bonkers Bjork, but I have just listened to Venus As A Boy again and think it is fantastic - Maybe it's one of those male/female things where opinion is divided by gender. Sadly that song was on one of the many cassette tape albums I had back in the day so long gone now.

    Bit worried about that DMCA takedown notice however - Hope we're both ok!

  2. Great minds ...
    You will be ok as you posted a video as opposed to an MP3

  3. Debut is one of the great records of the 1990s, a magical, inventive set of songs. Utterly wonderful. Post is a beauty too.

    1. Both have been liberated from charity shops Adam

    2. I was just reminded of Debut after reading this post and went searching for it - Loved it back in the early '90s and it still sounds fresh. Glad someone of the male persuasion has come out in support of Bjork as no-one did over at my place and so far only you here. Yeah for bonkers Bjork - I can't think of many like her nowadays. Gaga perhaps, a bit?

  4. I love her, even when I don't love her records. But Debut is really special. Big Time Sensuality, Come To Me, Venus, Violently Happy, the bit in There's More To Life Than This when the door in the toilet shuts and she carries on, whispering. So much to love about it.