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Sunday 5 November 2017

Invergordon Ibrahim

A holiday purchase which slipped the net and one which could only really feature on the Sunday morning slot.

The Easter Ross town of Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth enjoyed a period of boom time  in the 70's with the development of an oil rig fabrication yard at nearby Nigg Bay.
It is much quieter now and has resorted back to a pleasant sleepy backwater.
I got to the charity shop 10 minutes before closing and came away with Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrar for 75 pence.
Well known in his home country Cuba he shot to international fame at the age of 70 as part of the Ry Cooder produced Buena Vista Social Club project,
This his 1997 solo album received a Latin Grammy for best new artist (at 72!) He won a Grammy in 2004 but was not allowed to enter the enlightened country that is the US of A to collect it.
Unfortunately he died in 2005 so only got to enjoy his fame for a relatively short period of time.

Ibrahim Ferrer - Mami Me Gusto

Ibrahim Ferrer - Silencio

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