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Monday, 6 November 2017

Searching For The Young Soul Rebels

I stuck on Searching For The Young Soul Rebels the other night for the first time in ages. I'd forgotten just how good it is. One of the best debut albums out there.Scarily now 37 years old so look out for the deluxe 40th anniversary issue in 2020.
It got me wondering how many times Dexys have featured previously on these pages. To my shock and embarrassment the answer was once with a compare and contrast with Chuck Woods for their versions of Seven Days Too Long.
Geno would have featured on my short lived namechecking series if I had anything by Geno Washington which I don't.

Dexys Midnight Runners - Burn It Down

Dexys Midnight Runners -Tell Me When my Light Turns Green


  1. I absolutely agree. A terrific debut that still sounds as blistering today. 37 years? Bloody hell.

  2. One of THE great albums. Restored my faith in popular music and helped me through a bad time in my life. I was almost 30 when it was released, so too old to actually be a young soul rebel, but, in my heart I was right there with Kevin and his band.

  3. Must look out my copy as I've not played it in years either. Used to love Dexys although I always thought Kevin Rowland was a bit of an arse. Saw them at Glasgow Tech around this time and was utterly captivated.


  4. Yes, an amazing album - Burn It Down is incredible.

    I spent many a long hour when I was a kid trying to decipher Rowland's lyrics. In the end, it didn't matter. The songs had such power, I could get by without understanding every word.

  5. Brilliant and utterly unique album. When putting mixtape together I often open with the radio tuning segment that kick starts Soul Rebels.

  6. It is a brilliant album and accompanied me since I listened the first time to it. Seldom before and after a record combined past and future in a powerful way like this.

  7. As they all said. A magnificent album.