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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Covered By Cash - Personal Jesus

A second win on the bounce for JC last week albeit by the narrowest of margins over Elvis Costello with his version of The Big Light.
So we are back to even stevens with the score being Cash 2 The Rest 2 .

Back to the American Recordings series and American IV: The Man Comes Around  again with one of his most iconic covers from the series. Probably second only to Hurt.
Good though the Depeche Mode original of Personal Jesus is there is clearly only one winner this week. Given his well known Christian faith Johnny sings this with utter conviction and sounds as if he really means it
He really does reach out and touch faith and makes it his own.
I see this has also been covered by Marilyn Manson. Fortunately I've never heard his version and I hope that is still the case by the time I to go to my grave.

The easiest yet for me this week. It's Cash for me.I suspect it may well even by unanimous.
Others, of course, may choose to disagree. But they will be wrong there.

Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus


  1. Mr Cash edges it with his acoustic version.

  2. I love the Depeche original, but this is one of those rare occasions (ok, not so rare when we're talking about Cash's late life recordings) where the cover is better. Extra gravitas points for the voice, and for the juxtaposition: Gahan is a nihilist here, Cash still believes.

    By which I mean, Cash, all the way.


  3. Replies
    1. I'd say either is acceptable. Depends on which part of Scotland you live in. "Baw" is West Coast Industrial Belt dialect while "Ba'" is more likely to be heard on the East Coast.

  4. Really, really tough one for me this. Love both. I'd like to call a tie, but if you twist my arm I'd probably go for Cash on the basis that he totally transforms the song and makes it his own. If you didn't know better you'd think he wrote it.

  5. I think it's a great song, and Depeche Mode original is really good, but I agree - Johnny brings a real rawness to it and I love that kind of 'swampy' sound!
    But CC - I would love you to give Marilyn Manson's a listen - don't look at a video, just listen to it without seeing his face if that puts you off. Their rendition is really quite glam rock, with a stomping rhythm and some slide guitar, honestly it's not so bad!

  6. I'm going with Depeche Mode. Actually, no Johnny.

  7. Thank goodness, an easier match at last. Johnny by a country mile.

  8. I agree with most everyone above. Almost too tough to call... but I'm going to have to give this to Johnny.

  9. Like the Robster I like both versions but I also go for Johnny because he gives a rawness to this song that DM never would be able to.

  10. I'm going against the grain here but it's Depeche Mode for me this week. Totally agree that Johnny emotes the lyrics better on this one but I always liked the "sound" of the DM version and not yet over-familiar so was good to hear it again.

  11. For the first time, I’m finally going Cash. Can’t believe it took this long. If I let my wife know of this post, she would cancel out my vote in a flash.