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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Covered By Cash - The Big Light

At last the Man in Black is finally on the score sheet - but only just.
 Johnny beats the Eagles by the narrowest of margins by 6 votes to 5 (7 if you count Mrs CC)
Swiss Adam even tried to vote twice. Sorry Adam, OMOV applies here.
So the score is now Johnny 1 The Rest 2

This week we have a cover offed up by the original surfer of the zeitgeist Ernie Goggins from the ever eclectic 27 Leggies blog and it is one that I am not familiar with.
I'm familiar enough with the original version by Elvis Costello from his wonderful 1986 album King of America(Credited to The Costello Show).
Johnny's version is from the year after and from an album called Johnny Cash is Coming to Town. Bang in the middle of the wilderness years before his career was rescued by Rick Rubin and the American Recordings series.
Nevertheless Ernie plumps for Johnny as in his opinion Johnny romps home what with the horns and assorted Carters on backing vocals
And who am I to argue with the great man.

Others,of course, may choose to disagree

Johnny Cash - The Big Light

Elvis Costello - The Big Light


  1. Johnny Cash. Never heard his version before today.

  2. Not one instalment of this series has been cut and dried so far and I suspect this uncomfortable situation will continue. Elvis, by a smidgen.

  3. Elvis Costello this week. Not that Johnny's version is worse but for me it is overproduced. A song Rick Rubin wouldn't have recommend for him.

  4. Yes, Elvis Costello for me too. Interesting how this series is panning out.

  5. Hard for me to vote against Elvis... but I think Johnny actually wins this one. I like the backing singers.

  6. I'm going with Johnny this week - Elvis' version just didn't work for me.

  7. Yep, Johnny for me too.
    I'll be in to vote again later.

  8. I'm not voting this week for obvious reasons, but just wanted to say that you should ALWAYS count Mrs CC

  9. It matters, I suppose, whether you care for or even like the original - in this case I don't, you allow a draw? No, I thought not, in which case it's Johnny for me this week.