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Tuesday 31 January 2017


The last time I featured Dave Edmunds was in April 2014 just after he had celebrated his 70th birthday.
I played a couple of songs from his 1979 album Repeat When Necessary.
This time round it is the turn of the 1981 follow up Twangin on the Swan Song label and an album I picked up for 75p somewhere along the way
Pretty much an album of covers but done in his own inimitable style where he manages to sound like a one man Everley Brothers if that  makes any sense.
Here is his version of Melvin Endsley's Singing The Blues which was made famous by Tommy Steele whose version has featured here before.
Dave follows that with his take on John Fogerty's Almost Saturday Night.

Twangin indeed.

Dave Edmunds - Singing The Blues

Dave Edmunds - Almost Saturday Night


  1. There's just not enough twanging in Almost Saturday Night. The first track is forgettable.

  2. I think Dave Edmunds version of "Almost Saturday Night" edges it over Fogerty's original which sounds tinny by comparison. In my mind, "Singing The Blues" is forever associated with Tommy Steele - and I didn't like him or the song.

  3. Didn't Guy Mitchell do Singing The Blues?

    1. Yup and Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and Daniel O'Donnell and no before you ask I don't have the versions by the last two

    2. Hey, you guys - the original (and the best IMHO) is by the great Marty Robbins.

  4. 'Twangin' isn't a patch on 'Repeat When Necessary' though I do like his version of 'Almost Saturday Night'.

  5. Love a bit of Dave Edmunds. Crawlin' From The Wreckage is amazing.

  6. Ah, the last of his albums with Rockpile and, arguably, the weakest under the Edmunds name. For whatever reason, overall, I enjoyed the albums under the Lowe name better. Edmunds' albums were often spotty. For that, I recommend Rhino's two-disc anthology. I play that much more than the individual albums.