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Monday, 30 January 2017

Late December in Late January

CCM behind the times as usual as it would have probably been more sensible to feature this last month.
Mrs CC put it on to accompany Sunday breakfast so better late than never.
From 2007 Late December is the sixth solo album by the  always great but completely bonkers Maria McKee.
You are getting the title track and another one you may recognize. A song she had written over 20 years earlier but had never recorded. It was a  UK number one hit for a man whose name is not uttered in Blogging circles F****** S******

Note to self - must get round to listen to and featuring some stuff by Lone Justice.

Maria McKee -Late December

Maria McKee -A Good Heart


  1. F S + fud.

    Always loved Maria McKee but was somewhat put off by her diva like utterances when she played King Tuts some years ago. AS you say as mad as a bag of spanners.

  2. Like the Maria McKee version of AGH but thanks for the heads up about FS - As still a newbie to this world I have a lot to learn and now realise why he is persona non-grata. As someone who knows about all this, am I ok over at my place or do I need some sort of disclaimer?

    1. Most blogs contain a disclaimer of sorts particularly if they are putting out music which can be downloaded
      Occasionally the blog police will issue a DMCA notice if they feel copyright is being breached . Google will revert the post to draft. Not sure about Wordpress
      Pretty rare though I've only ever had about 3 - tends to be new music from big stars ie stopping someone offering the new Taylor Swift song for nothing

    2. Thanks - have been a bit worried about this but most of the stuff I write about it very old so wouldn't have thought it would be a problem but will add a disclaimer on the sidebar if I can work out how!

  3. I do like the Maria McKee version. Am I still allowed to like the cover version? Or must he be consigned to that corner of the collection with the records of a glam pop star of the 70s?
    The first tune today did nothing for me.

  4. I would say that his crimes are somewhat less heinous than those you allude to

  5. Remember that speech Jack black gives in Hi Fidelity after the guy comes into the shop and asks for I Just Called To Say I Love You?

    Is it in fact unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter day sins, is it better to burn out or fade away?

    The same must apply to FS, I always think.

    1. It is not his later music I object to Rol ( although I don't particularly like it) but his role as a music industry mogul and the heavy handed approach to bloggers like us sharing stuff as fans as opposed to pirates

  6. Bonkers yes, but what a voice. 'Life is Sweet' is a personal favourite LP, though most of her albums have their moments.
    Note to self - Must put a disclaimer on my sidebar.

  7. Always a pleasure to listen to Maria. She is able to make almost every song to a gem. And it not necessary to name FS in his later years.