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Sunday 8 January 2017

A Defense of the Kane Gang .... of sorts

I own both albums that The Kane Gang recorded 1985's The Bad and Low Down World of the Kane Gang and 1987's Miracle.
Until now they had not been played this century and should I ever have to cull my record collection they would be among the first to go.
I would have got round to The Staple Singers eventually but they accelerated the process and for that I suppose I owe them a debt of gratitude.
I cannot forgive them for being responsible for the Ooh Gary Davies jingle on Radio One though.

The Kane Gang - Respect Yourself

The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

The Kane Gang - Closest Thing to Heaven


  1. I was prepared to dismiss these two as right load of old shite, but the first track is OK. 51 seconds into their second track, and I'm dismissing it.......

  2. I prefer 'Closest Thing to Heaven' to their version of 'Respect Yourself'.

  3. I will admit to being a fan of both albums, with Gun Law, from their debut, being a particular favorite for driving down a Florida highway with the top down. Just playing it now as a matter of fact...

  4. I'll defend The Kane Gang.

    My interest in them was as much driven by the fact they were on Kitchenware Records alongside The Daintees and Prefab Sprout. They are a long way from being the worst band of their era. The Staples Sisters cover is decent enough but I consider Smalltown Creed to among be their finest moments (albeit it has dated poorly and, as you say, was sort of ruined by being bastardised for the Gary Davies jingle)along with Gun Law as cited by Echorich