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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Dylan Covered - Absolutely Sweet Marie

We are back to the Saturday slot this week and back to Blonde On Blonde.
A narrow victory for Bob last time out against a well received Nanci Griffith with Boots of Spanish Leather.
The scores on the doors are therefore now Bob 6 Cover Artists 5.

Another Country artist is up for the challenge this week albeit one slightly more alternative than Nanci.
A demo by Jason and the Scorchers of Absolutely Sweet Marie which I have on the Uncut: Radio Radio compilation but which comes  from 2002's Wildfires and Misfires:Two Decades of Outtakes and Rarities on the Blue Rose label..
The raw energy of the Scorchers version swings it for me.
Others may choose to disagree

Bob Dylan - Absolutely Sweet Marie

Jason & the Scorchers - Absolutely Sweet Marie (Demo)


  1. Jason and The Scorchers have excited the large dog so much he sat up and hit his head on my foot. But he (and you) are wrong, it's Bob, easily.

  2. This is the first time I've heard The Scorchers' demo of 'Absolutely Sweet Marie' (very good it is too), although I'm very familiar with their released version and was lucky enough to see them play it a few times, back in the old days. All that having been said, this is top drawer Bob we're talking about here and he takes this tie, without any problem.

  3. For me it's absolutely sweet Jason & the Scorchers.
    And, is it just me (back to James Dean Bradfield and Harry Enfield) or is there a passing resemblance to Generation X in the verses of their version?

  4. It's actually Jason & the Scorchers for me too. Like you I like the raw energy.

    Good to see our elusive host turned up ok - we were starting to worry!

  5. JR makes a completely different song of it. It's a juggernaut. I listened to that first and was sure it would win. A long while since I've heard the original though and I love the way Bob's voice goes up and down in unexpected places, like he's singing while walking barefoot across a stage where someone has tossed a handful of drawing pins and every now and then, he steps on one.

    Bob wins.

    1. Love that description of Bob's voice there, Rol, ouch!