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Thursday 12 January 2017

Strange Days

I don't know that I've ever posted anything by The Doors before.
I suspect that this may be primarily because apart from the odd song on a compilation here and there the only album I have of theirs is Strange Days their second studio album from  September 1967 the summer of love and all things psychadelia.
Described by music critic Robert Christgau as muscular but misshapen a description guaranteed to pique your interest

Even then it is not the original but a freebie from the Sunday Times. Worry not I did not take the Murdoch shilling. It came courtesy of my mother-in -law.

The Doors - People Are Strange

The Doors - When The Music's Over


  1. Rol - before you take me to task I will correct the spelling of shilling at the earliest opportunity!

    1. I obviously arrived too late for that party!

      I love the Doors. A few years back I bought a relatively cheap box set of their albums (one of those with the cardboard sleeves and no inserts). Must dig that out and give some of them a spin again.

  2. I used to dismiss the Doors as hippy wank on account of all the tosses that started going n about how Jim Morrison was such a deep, intelligent person, around the time of the release of the film with Val Kilmer in it. Over the past twenty odd years I only listened to Peace Frog which is an amazing song. But during the holidays I pulled out the first two albums, listened to them and thoroughly enjoyed them. Still think Morrison was a want tho'

  3. "Break On Through", a cover of Brecht/Weill's "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)", "Light My Fire", a cover of Willie Dixon's "Back Door Man" - and that's just from their 1st album! After STrange Days, you've got songs such as "Hello, I Love You" (which made Jagger's efforts look quaint), the anthemic "fight the power" song known as "Five to One". Then later you have "Roadhouse Blues" (a song on which Status Quo built an entire career); "Love Her Madly", "L.A. Woman" and an album which closes with 3 tracks - "Crawling King Snake" the AWESOMELY OTT song:"The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" and "Riders on the Storm". In their front man, The Doors had Jim Morrison whose stage persona would be ripped off by Iggy Pop, David Johansen and many, many more. At the very least anyone with an interest in rock music should own a Doors Greatest Hits album. So what is Morrison & Co were sometimes full of themselves and their poetry was pretentious? Name me one artist in the history of music who hasn't been. Two great songs from "Strange Days" is a good start though...

  4. Never quite got what all the fuss was about despite so many of my own favourite bands/singers paying homage over the years. Think its to do with whar Drew says above about hippy wank...

  5. Logged in to contribute my two pennies' worth here but..... FurryBootsCityBoy has just about nailed it for all time. But before you get carried away FurryBoots, shite name tag if you don't mind me sayin'!