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Wednesday 11 January 2017

Burnt Offerings 1


A New Year and a New Series - Burnt Offerings.
From around 2006 to 2008 I put a number of tracks I had downloaded from various blogs onto CD - 32 CD's worth in fact.
The idea is that I will subject you to two or three songs  each week preferably where possible  from artists who have not featured here before.
Before we start I have to admit it is quite Americana heavy particularly on the early ones although it gets a bit more varied later on..
Let's s kick off then with Volume 1 and  Edith Frost from San Antonio with Emergency the first track on her 2005 album It's a Game on Drag City. She describes her music as pensive countrified psychedelia and who am I to disagree.

Edith Frost - Emergency

Greg Trooper is one of those artists who seems to have been about forever but one who unfortunately has never had a breakthrough record.
Here is a brief potted history from the Glasgow Herald Thankfully he appears to be recovering from a cancer scare which makes this song all the more pertinent.

Greg Trooper - Lucky That Way

We finish off with Amy Allison who is the daughter of Jazz legend Mose Allison who sadly passed away recently.
Her genre is country and she has a somewhat unusual nasal tone voice which divides opinions.
Me, I quite like it but in small doses.I suspect that its placement as the last track on BO 1 was no accident.
Baby You're the One is from her 2003 album No Frills Friend.

Amy Allison - Baby You're The One

Volume two next week

George has a copy of all these so he gets Wednesdays off!


  1. I'm not sure you gace me all 32 volumes, and at this minute I can't be bothered leavng bed to find out. I'll let you know you which ones I need later on today.

  2. All 32 are in tghe music room.

  3. I started a similar series myself a couple of years ago called 'Lost on the Hard Drive', featuring resurrected tunes I'd downloaded from blogs and half-forgotten. Unfortunately, after 4 instalments, the external hard drive in question went bang and I instantly lost a terabyte's worth of music. Should've backed it up or burnt it off. I do have another, smaller, external hard drive full of tunes with which I could relaunch the series, but I'm not sure if I want to tempt fate.
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing what treasures you uncover. I have two or three Edith Frost albums - whatever happened to her I wonder?

    1. The market for pensive countrified psychadelia must have dried up!

  4. Excellent. After your first mention of Burnt Offerings, I was hoping you'd delve into them.

    External hard drives can go bang? Sheeeeit. With my internal hard drive on the verge of extinction, I've been relying on the external one. Time to do another back up, I guess.

    1. The one that went bang was 6tb capacity requiring an external power supply, fortunately it wasn't full. I now use smaller drives that don't need plugging in. Less to go wrong, hopefully.

  5. Great idea and name for this series, CC. Wednesdays are looking up.

  6. Great idea CC. One of many over the years on this blog. Today's offerings aren't my own personal cups of tea but looking forward to the next 31 instalments.

  7. Fantastic idea CC. I bought myself a second external hard-drive to save my copies. Don't know if it is necessary but it would make me angry to lose them.