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Tuesday 24 January 2017

A Brighter Beat

Some Malcolm Middleton for you today with 2007's A Brighter Beat his third  solo album and the first following Arab Strab's split in 2006.
Described by the man himself thus:
If I was forced to describe it, which I am, I'd probably say it was a pop album for people who hate pop music. Or maybe I'd describe it as love songs for depressed people who find it hard leaving the house sometimes and worry too much about dying and the consequences of their daily actions and thoughts to be able to enjoy life fully
There was a social media campaign to make We're All Going to Die the Christmas number 1 in 2007 but sadly it peaked at number 31 with the top slot gong to X Factor's Leon Jackson (no, me neither ).

Cover by the great David Shrigley.

Malcolm Middleton -We're All Going To Die

Malcolm Middleton -A Brighter Beat


  1. Really enjoyed A Brighter Beat, thanks. Rousing!

  2. I bought We're All Going To Die at the time, so I must have contributed to that #31 with a bullet.

  3. Love Malky so much. Into The Woods is up there with my favourite LPs ever.