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Monday 23 January 2017

End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues

1988's End of The Millennium Psychosis Blues marked a pretty radical evolution in the music of Derry band That Petrol Emotion.
Gone was the anger and the rockier sound of  it's predecessor 1987's Babble and in it's place was some dance and sample experimentation and indie.
This led to them later being highlighted as an influence to Britpop and the Madchester indie-dance scene.
Whatever, it was the last of their albums on which former Undertone John O'Neill featured.

I don't play it as often as Babble probably because I would rather cross the ocean than make a Big Decision

.That Petrol Emotion -Here It Is ... Take It!

That Petrol Emotion - Groove Check


  1. Loved the band around this time, the Weatherall & Farley mix of 'Abandon' was a big favourite.

  2. That Petrol Emotion never set alight anywhere for long. Manic Pop Thrill was a great alternative to the ever blanding middle 80s.
    Babble is just a brilliant album - performed with a ferocity and velocity that not many bands can match today.
    On End Of The Millennium Psychosis Blues is an underrated record. Groove Check is a blast. But if you listen to Sooner Or Later, you can hear what Oasis would try to capture, just with much heavier manners than The Petrol chose... Here It Is...Take It is as good as any Happy Mondays song I can think of.

  3. And no one bows down at the temple of Cellophane? I give up. No, really....I do!