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Wednesday 4 January 2017

Back On The Chain Gang

Back to work today after nearly two weeks of eating too much, drinking too much and long lies.
Back to a department where all the good work and teamwork since 2010 has been systematically destroyed over the last year - joy of joys!
Indeed it would be safe to say that my motivation is Less Than Zero.

I've never been a huge fan of the Pretenders although I do think Chrissie Hynde is pretty cool
The only album of theirs I have is a charity shop acquired Greatest Hits. The nearest I came to seeing them was sitting outside the Free Trade pub in Newcastle whilst music from a concert they were holding in Gateshead wafted over the Tyne.

A belated  Happy New Year to all my fellow Chain Gangers

The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang

Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero


  1. If you're not a big fan, a Pretenders Greatest Hits can't be bad - as long as it doesn't contain that bloody awful duet with UB40.

    1. I'm afraid it does Swede but that's what the fast forward function was designed for!

  2. Good luck with the return to work, you have my sympathies!
    I don't love, nor hate, the Pretenders, but I did see them in '79 when they played at my college. From what I remember it was a pretty enjoyable set and Chrissie always did seem cool - she doesn't seem to have aged at all, either!

  3. I like the obvious Pretenders songs but haven't ever bought any of their albums beyond the singles collection. I was considering buying the new one - I love the current single, Alone. Cool Lou Reed impersonation from Chrissie.

  4. Actually, the limited output of the original lineup is worth a good listen, if not promptly adding to your collection. It's just Pretenders I and II, with an EP stuck in the middle. The band released some worthwhile songs after the death of guitarist James Honeyman-Scott ('Chain Gang', for instance), but nothing really approaches the earliest stuff. Said the old man.

  5. Yes - similar feelings about the return to work from me too but hey ho. The Pretenders actually played our Student's Union the week they were at No. 1 with Brass In Pocket - My friend who worked on the student newspaper interviewed her but she was really grumpy because she'd cut her fringe and it was too short (looking at the above I can see that would have been a problem).

    Like the Pretenders but love Elvis Costello and this song just takes me back to 6th year at school (not plugging my blog or anything, much, but did a post about him and that album - C found it amusing!).

  6. Didn't we also hear a Bryan Adams concert there?

  7. That friendly lawyer can represent me anytime. The first album, especially, is a must for every collection.

  8. Stop Your Sobbing, Kid, Brass In Pocket, Talk of The Town and Message of Love are as good a run of five debut singles as any other band from that era.

    Cant belive same band (although it was only in name) could be responsible for 2000 Miles, a horror show of a Xmas 45