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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dylan Covered -Buckets of Rain

A narrow win for Bob versus Jason and the Scorchers last week with Absolutely Sweet Marie. Had the vote of George's large dog been allowed to count it would have been a draw!
Clear daylight now between Dylan and the rest with the score now being Bob 7 Cover Artists 5.

I think today is the first time Blood on the Tracks has featured in this series and again Bob is up against an alternative country star this week in the form of Canadian chanteuse Neko Case.
Her version of Buckets of Rain is on one of the Burnt Offerings CDs. I had no information as to it's origin.until I just checked and it is from her Live from Austin,Tx album (excuse the bit at the end)

Another close one this week I suspect..
For me Bob just shades it .The vocals on both are excellent but his version benefits from the minimal musical accompaniment and no jazz interlude.
Others may of course choose to disagree

Bob Dylan - Buckets of Rain

Neko Case - Buckets of Rain


  1. You caught me out - I felt sure that you were going to go for the Bette Midler version, though that would've been a bit rum I suppose, as Bob himself provides backing vocals on it. I like Bette's ramshackle approach to the song, but am not quite so keen on Neko's - Bob's yer winner!

  2. Bob's the winner, although Neko made a great job.

  3. Bob. Easily. The larger dog is this week staying in the room with the Bob version, so that's another vote for Bob.

    1. 5000th comment on CCM - thank you all for your contributions

  4. Shaggy here. I vote for Bob.

  5. Just so as to show I'm not a sheep, it's the Neko version for me.

    5000 comments and 5 years in! I'm still reeling from having made it to 1 year so well done - You've built a great wee place here.

  6. As much as I love Neko this is a one horse race. Now, if Bob were to cover Twist The Knife, Bought And Sold or This Tornado Loves You well that'd be a contest!