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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Halcyon Times

My recent featuring of Jason & the Scorchers on the Dylan Covered series had me scouring the shelves for their 2010 album Halcyon Times
A friend from the pub Graham gave me a copy.He played drums in a band called Bachelor Pad who have featured at JC's place and who once supported Echo and the Bunnymen at the Barrowlands.
Halcyon Times is a terrific rocky album.
I've seen Jason Ringenberg on a couple of occasions but sadly never with the Scorchers.
Does anyone remember when America was The Land of the Free? 19th January 2017 in case you were wondering

Jason & the Scorchers - Moonshine Guy/Releasing Celtic Prisoners

Jason & the Scorchers - Land of the Free


  1. Quality tunes today. I saw Jason Ringenberg at Wolverhamptyon many years ago. Me and 40 others!!

  2. Big fan of Jason & the Scorchers, but I really need to catch up with Ringenberg's solo albums. Off topic, but I was just listening to yesterday's Burnt Offerings. That cover from Isobel Campbell is wonderful.

  3. I'd lost track of the band by this stage, but judging from these tunes, they still had the fire in their bellies.

  4. And now it's the land of the C.