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Saturday 28 January 2017

Dylan Covered - I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine

Lounge Lizards of the world rejoice! A resounding victory last week for Bryan Ferry with his version of A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall.
Perhaps it is merely putting off the inevitable but the scores are now Bob 8 Cover Artist 6.
Can this week's candidate Thea Gilmore narrow the gap still further?

It is I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine times two and indeed John Wesley Harding times two given that Thea  covered the entire album in 2011. I thought she was Irish but it turns out she is English
You will be pleased to know that among other things St Augustine is the patron saint of brewers.

It's Bob for me this week. His version is terrific and a fine example of less is more.. Feel free to disagree if only to prolong the series

Bob Dylan - I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine

Thea Gilmore - I Dreamed I Saint Augustine


  1. Bob. A million times Bob. I love JWH.

  2. Hadn't heard Thea's version before - an admiral stab (good name for a band), but a little overwrought for my tastes. Bob keeps it simple and straightforward. As you rightly say, a fine example of less is more.

  3. Although Thea Gilmore's version is good, it is, as Swiss Adam says, Bob Dylan. Shaggy agrees. Looks like it's 4-0 to Bob.

  4. Have to swim against the tide on this one as I've been a huge Thea Gilmore fan for nearly 20 years now. Sorry, Bob.

  5. Sorry, Rol. Going to have to cancel out your vote. Bob it is.

  6. The Admiral Stabs, 3rd on the bill at the Camden falcon in the early 90s.

  7. It's very rare for me to give my vote to Bob... and this is no exception! Thea for me, she has a lovely voice and I frequently struggle with Bob's and his harmonica.
    PS - I always remember a great St Augustine quote I once heard: "Lord, make me pure - but not yet"

  8. It's Bob for me too this week - Listened to them both when doing other things (sorry!) but it was Bob's version that stuck with me.