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Tuesday 17 January 2017

A Single I Never Knew I Had

I'd pulled out Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway  a 1988 album by the Woodentops with a view  to featuring it  today when a 7 inch single fell out of the sleeve.
It contains two of their previous singles from 1985 Move Me and Well Well Well
I gave it a listen (once I realised it was a 33 as opposed to a 45!) and decided that it should feature today with the album being put aside for a later date.
I had absolutely no recollection of ever seeing or playing this single before although  I suspect I must have.
Not sure if I can therefore put it down as a find but it sure feel like one.

The Woodentops - Move Me

The Woodentops - Well Well Well


  1. That pic of the Woodentops has made my day. Go Spotty Dog, go! The very biggest spotty dog you ever did see.

  2. A good little band in their day. 'You Make Me Feel' was a favourite in my house.

  3. Catching up with your last few posts today. You hit the jackpot with those early singles. The band's best moment came a year later with Giant, but Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway is pretty good too. Out of nowhere, in 2013, came Granular Tales, and I discovered the band all over again. Love when that happens.

  4. Love The Wooden Tops, the only thing wrong with the recent Wedding Present gig was that I missed Rolo's solo set finding the bloody venue. Hate gigs in Edinburgh. I love the Live, Hypnobeat Live album too.

  5. I will second that live album Drew mentions. Hugely successful on the indie chart.