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Thursday 10 November 2016

Songs From The Battlefield

Great excitement at CCM HQ as a new Charity Shop opens in Glasgow's  Battlefield Road.
Battlefield is named after the Battle of Langside which took place on 13th May 1568 and involved Mary Queen of Scots and a few others
The above picture is of the monument commemorating this event.
I rented a flat on Battlefield Road for a couple of years and there was allegedly a brothel next door - but that's a story for another day.

It is just around the corner from my barbers (the charity shop!) so I popped in to hand in a couple of things and came away with If the Ocean Gets Rough the second album by Willy Mason from 2007.
I picked up his debut Where the Humans Eat a couple of years ago in nearby Cathcart and wonder if they were handed in by the same person.
Excellent stuff which puts me in mind of Ron Sexsmith and Richard Hawley in places

Willie Mason - Simple Town

Willie Mason - The End of The Race


  1. Is it any where near McSwallie's bar

  2. McSwallies is now the Florida Park
    Nearer Armstrongs and the Mission - as was, now a Sainsburys

  3. I'm excited for you, CC. Another place to peruse for bargains is dreamy.

  4. I'm not far from Battlefield and I can trump your brothel story.

    Three houses away down the road, and directly adjacent to a big and still active church, was the location of what was alleged to be Scotland's largest swingers club.

    Always wondered why, every 2 weeks or so, there was a lot of cars parked in the vicinity of an evening. Tabloid papers revealed all a few months later.

    Oh and I tried this charity shop malarkey while I was dowm in Hampshire the other week. Came back with 5CDs and 1 book, all at £1 each. Sadly, no vinyl. Will get round to ripping you off at my place eventually.

  5. Good to have you in the CC camp JC
    As a matter of interest did you ever see a certain perma tanned socialist walking up your street?!

  6. I did not.....I understand that his preference was for similar activties in the city of Moz.