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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Dylan Covered - Man Gave Names To All The Animals

Another unanimous victory last week for Bob although there was a lot of love out there for Robyn Hitchcock.
The scores on the doors are now Bob 2 Cover Artists 1.
The Swede took me gently to task last week for pitching two of all all time heroes in direct competition.
Well I'm going to do the same to myself this week as the cover artist is the late great Townes Van Zandt.

The selected song is Man Gave Names to all the Animals from Bob Dylan's 19th studio album and his first as a born again Christian 1979's Slow Train Coming.
As part of my research I played it for the first time in ages and thoroughly enjoyed it,

Somewhat controversially I am giving my vote to Townes this week despite the rather abrupt ending..Others may choose to disagree

Keep your animals save from fireworks tonight

Bob Dylan - Man Gave Names to all the Animals

Townes Van Zandt - Man Gave Names to all the Animals


  1. I'm sitting on the fence with this one. I like Townes' vocal on this. Do you think the nobel judges considered this song when coming to their recent decision?

  2. Townes ends the song very abruptly

    1. I suspect it is the recording rather than Townes although he was known to forget his words on occasions.
      Yes this was the one that undoubtedly swung in for the Nobel judges

  3. Inexplicably, 'Man Gave Names to all the Animals' was a hit single in France & Belgium at the time of its original release and, as a result, Bob occasionally felt obliged to have an unrehearsed stab at performing the song when he passed through Europe in subsequent years. It wasn't pretty.
    Bob Vs Townes? A no-score draw.

    1. "Bob Vs Townes? A no-score draw."
      that's a good way of putting it

  4. For me it's the Townes version this week. In fact, this might not be a popular thing to say, but it will almost always be the cover. Last week an exception though and there will no doubt be more.