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Monday 14 November 2016

Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers

In the latest edition of The Chain at Jez' place in the comments I make reference to the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdipper or Creepdippers as I originally inadvertently typed
They were a band consisting of former Jayhawk Mark Olson, his missus Victoria Williams (credited on the album I have as Mavis Allbright) and Mike "Razz" Russell

The album is Pacific Coast Rambler their second album from 1998 and one I got signed by all the band members when I went to see them  at King Tuts.
It was a bit of  a strange evening as I recall. Due to health issues being experienced by Victoria Williams the audience were asked not to smoke this being in the days before smoking bans. Fair enough I suppose.
Now I could have got this wrong given the mists of time  and my failing memory but I think we were also asked to sit on the floor as opposed to standing and the lights remained on during the show.

With the exception of Give My Heart to You which is an absolute belter I feel that the album is a wee bit disappointing

Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers - Give My Heart To You

Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers - Elijah


  1. "That's dreadful!" exclaimed my partner. I disagree, you'll be delighted to hear. "Elijah" somehow puts me in mind of The Handsome Family.

  2. First track was fine but Elijah grated a little. I remember the name Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers, but didn't know much about their music. Over the last 20 years, it seems that bands pay a lot more attention to naming themselves than they do about writing decent songs. But that's just me in my "Victor Meldrew of music criticism" mode.

    1. "Over the last 20 years, it seems that bands pay a lot more attention to naming themselves"

  3. I owned a handful of Original Harmony Ridge Creekdipper's albums and enjoyed their ramshackle charm, but they remain one of the very few live headline acts I've ever actually walked out on.