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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Dylan Covered - Every Grain of Sand

Apologies for the poor fayre I served up last week. The Swede pretty accurately described it as a no score draw. There has to be a winner I'm afraid and Townes narrowly won the penalty shoot out
That makes in Bob 2 Cover Artists 2
I'm debating whether to make it first to 5 or first to 10 the winner. I think I could just about rustle up 19 songs if necessary
To make up for last week this week you are getting two absolute crackers.
Every Grain of Sand was the best thing on Bob's 1981 album Shot of Love. But is it as good as the version by Emmylou Harris on the masterpiece that is Wrecking Ball?
Not for me I'm afraid.
So Emmylou is this week's winner.
As always others may choose to disagree

Bob Dylan - Every Grain of Sand

Emmylou Harris - Every Grain of Sand


  1. Looks like today's choice is stirring up much apathy. Another interesting choice. Of Love is the last Dylan Album I bought, which was when it came out. It has not been played for one hell of a long time, probably not for over 30 years. Dylan's delivery is really flat, sounding almost as if he's a bit bored, so it's a win for Emmylou Harris, who makes a rather humdrum song into something very good.

    1. Yeah
      Think first to 10 is a bit ambitious
      Will go for first to 5

    2. Sod them! Go for first to ten! I'm enjoying this series.

  2. I'd agree that 'Every Grain of Sand' is the best track on 'Shot of Love', though Bob's best recorded version is actually the 1980 acoustic demo, released on 'The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3' in 1991. For that reason I'll give this tie to Emmylou after extra time.
    (I'm with George - first to ten...)