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Tuesday 8 November 2016

4th and Vine

Posting Tom Waits Heartattack and Vine yesterday had me scouring the shelves for How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? the 2012 album by Sinead O'Connor and the first track 4th and Vine which is a terrific pop song.
Despite her well documented troubles she is a fantastic singer and songwriter and there are some other belters on the album including The Wolf is Getting Married. She also does a good version of John Grant's Queen of Denmark
Here's hoping that she conquers her demons sooner rather than later.

Sinead O'Connor - 4th and Vine

Sinead O'Connor - The Wolf is Getting Married


  1. Any news about Sinead these days seems invariably dominated by her fragile mental health, to the extent that I haven't actually heard any of her music for many years. These two tunes are very good though, particularly '4th and Vine'.

  2. $th and Vine is tremendous, just tremendous.

  3. I liked this album, but I loved the one that followed it (I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss). Like you, I hope she returns to music soon.