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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Don't Turn Away

1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems at some stage in our life and many of us will know some who has, or has had mental health problems. But mental health remains a significant barrier to achieving a mentally flourishing Lanarkshire, preventing people seeking support, hindering recovery and limiting opportunity. It's not us and them - we all have mental health. It's I and we!!

To launch the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film festival Soundsational & Pat O'Neil came together to create an amazing version of Don't Turn Away, a song that Pat wrote several years ago about mental health stigma & recovery. The sell out event in September, was a huge success with the audience being deeply moved by the performance.

Soundsational & Pat performed at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in October & have since collaborated to record 'Don't turn away' to stimulate passion and commitment for mental health, to encourage people to join the Lanarkshire Movement for Change and create a Sigma Free Lanarkshire.

Soundsational were founded in 2010 by musician Tommy Chambers, as a not for profit community arts organisation , using the arts to bring people together & encourage community cohesion & social inclusion...Along the way becoming the heart and soul of community arts in Lanarkshire and giving a voice to the community.

Pat is a Lanarkshire based singer/ songwriter who has selflessly given the Lanarkshire Recovery Network his time over the last eight years, bringing his amazing qualities, facilitating stories of recovery to be penned.

Don't Turn Away, which will be officially launched early December & will then be available to download.

Click on the link for a preview of Don't Turn Away, recorded at Glasgow Concert Hall last month.

Thanks to Soundsational Community Choir, Pat O'Neill & Lanarkshire Recovery Network.

Come join the movement for change!!!

Please share and support!!


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