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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


So, is it just me who get's annoyed when people start sentences with the word So?
So, Peter Gabriel's fifth album produced by Daniel Lanois was called So
So, I don't have it it but I do have Shaking The Tree - Twelve Golden Greats
So, here are the best two songs he has ever made.
So, this is the nearest you will get to Genesis on these pages.
So, that's my credibility gone for a burton.
So, I'll get my coat.

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers


  1. So, there's a lot of good stuff on those first four self-titled solo records, the third's my favourite.

  2. So, so at the start of a sentence is sooo annoying. So don't do it. So there.

    I think you're a little harsh of Peter Gabriel - he's made some intriguing and challenging music over the years. He and Kate Bush were definitely pushing boundaries in the early 80s with rhythms and technology. 'So' is an excellent album, though not his best (or at least not my favourite).

  3. I've just received two emails from different people at my agent's and both of them started with 'so'. It must be the in thing. Better than 'hey', though.
    There's something about Peter Gabriel as a person which I find immensely likeable - watched that Genesis documentary a while back and he seemed to be the only one with a sense of humour and who didn't take himself too seriously. As The Robster says he's pushed a lot of boundaries too and I admire him for changing with the times.
    When Mr SDS was a mere whippersnapper he was an early Gabriel era Genesis fan and apparently after seeing them live he threatened to get his hair shaved down the middle the same way as Peter, you know, in that reverse mohawk way... oh god, the very thought!

  4. So this is even worse than yesterday's choice.

    1. So I was expecting a comment along these lines

  5. Actually, it's not, it's a little bit better. I used to have The Games Without Frontier single, but I sold it.

  6. Seen many, many acts in my years as a music traveler. Saw dinosaurs (Dylan, the Dead, Stones, The Who, McCartney), prog purveyors (Yes, Genesis), heroes (Bowie, Springsteen, Lou Reed, Zappa), ancient originals (Les Paul, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker), superstars of my own generation (Clash, Stranglers, Cure, Bunnymen, Smiths, XTC, The Jam, R.E.M.) and uncountable lesser known modern bands that I still enjoy seeing to this day, many of them my kids' age. But the SINGLE BEST concert I ever saw in my entire life was Peter Gabriel at the Palladium in NYC in November 1978. Best. Show. Ever. Changed my life. There, I've said it.

  7. Methinks a tad harsh on Gabriel around here. The Swede more or less conveyed my feelings. As for So, there was virtually nothing on the charts in '86 I would have been willing to listen to or buy. This album was an exception. It turned out to be a moment in time album for me. I haven't listened to it many years, but I think I'll give it a go today in the car. It always sounded really good in a car. You picked out a couple of nice tunes today, CC.

  8. A lot more love more Mr Gabriel than I expected Brian

  9. I'm with the Swede on this one. Wallflower and Here Comes The Flood being particular favourites but not particularly fond of So.I even have some early Genesis. A few years ago I even replaced my copy of Lamb Lies Down On Broadway when I found a mint copy for peanuts in Oxfam Music on Byres Rd,

  10. 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' is a fantastic album.

  11. And let's not forget his cameo with Brian Pern! Do we love Peter Gabriel? Yes we do!

  12. Let's not get carried away CC!

  13. Used to feel so-so about using So to start a sentence but now using it as my signature phase (So, WIAA,A?) - So sorry if you've been irked but I'll soldier on and solidify my style of writing about songs - Usually a soliloquy that might make you soporific!!

    Still quite new around these parts but starting to get a handle on everyone's likes and dislike. Suspected this would be one for you but I'm on the fence - It's a so-so from me.

    (Late to the party here but only got the post e-mail alert today! Now late to work as well - oh no)

  14. I'll join the chorus in defence of Gabriel, though personally I think Big Time is his best single. There are some great tracks on that album (beyond the three big singles), so if you do ever find it in a charity shop, give it a go.

    That said, I also own a couple of Genesis albums (post-Gabriel) and once, when I was very young and foolish, bought a Collins solo LP.

    Get my coat while you're there.

  15. I'm going to mount a defence against starting sentences with So. I often do it and I'm gonna carry on despite the zeitgeist opprobrium bollocks etc etc.......sorry that's not much of a defence is it but ...who cares? I saw Peter Gabriel at his pretentious worst with Genesis at Sheff City Hall in October 1972 (I'd gone to see Lindisfarne who were supporting) and it was yawn city. I've never had any time for Genesis thereafter - I'm in a minority I know. He did redeem himself in my eyes with Games Without Frontiers, Solsbury Hill and that duet with KB but I've never warmed to him. I'm sure he's really disappointed.

  16. I've got Peter Gabriel popping up at my place soon.....just saying.