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Wednesday 23 November 2016

14 Songs

It strikes me that when artists who have had an illustrious career but whose star is gradually fading that they have two final items to be ticked off their bucket list.
The first is to appear on the Sunday afternoon slot at Glastonbury and the second is to have an album produced by Rick Rubin.

So step forward Neil Diamond with 12 Songs his twenty sixth studio album from 2005 and no doubt inspired by the career reviving success that Johnny Cash enjoyed following The American Recordings series.

Although the album is called 12 Songs and the 12 songs are indeed rather good you should seek out the version with the bonus two songs as they are absolutely fantastic particularly the version of Delirious Love featuring Brian Wilson.

Inspired by  Alyson's contribution toThe Chain #29 and the subsequent comments.
Neil Diamond rocks

Neil Diamond - Men are So Easy

Neil Diamond (with Brian Wilson) - Delirious Love


  1. Delirious Love is the 2nd best song I've heard today. (The best songs is not Men Are So Easy)

  2. Hi - Thanks for posting these songs and for backing me up on Neil D. I am realising he is a polarising figure in the music world but I have always liked him. Dreading to see what happens on The Chain!

  3. Delirious Love is something special. For those who think Neil Diamond is a joke, check out his songwriting credits and history on the charts. You can't help but find yourself impressed.

  4. Kudos to Alyson for highlighting that Neil does indeed rock and clearly he's getting some love from this corner of the blogging world. (I've popped over to read and learn about The Chain - a new one on me - and most impressed!)

  5. 'Delirious Love' is very good indeed.