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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Some More Dodgy Arithmetic

Some more dodgy arithmetic for you today.
Not the 31 songs as it looks at first glance but a selection of music from Nick Hornby's selection of essays 31 songs.
31 songs is a blogger's delight. Essays on 31 songs that are important to Hornsby for a variety of reasons.
It gives us an excuse to mutter "how in God's name did he include that? " and indeed "what kind of idiot would omit .... "
Back to the arithmetic - the CD includes 13 of the songs included in the book.
Sadly neither Bob Dylan or Aimee Mann feature but thankfully neither do Santana and Nelly Furtado

I've previously featured the Teenage Fanclub and Paul Westeberg tracks. This time round it's Mark Mulcahy and Ian Dury.
Let's face it at the moment  we all need some Reasons to be Cheerful

Mark Mulcahy - Hey Self Defeator

Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3


  1. Always a joy to hear Mark Mulcahy. The reunited Miracle Legion played a brilliant 6Music session earlier this year.
    When '31 Songs' was published in 2002, a group of my friends decided to steal Nick Hornby's idea, do the same thing ourselves and exchange the results. Some did this very quickly, while others cogitated for quite a while before nailing their selection. I never finished mine. I just couldn't shave it down to 31 at the time. Though in more recent years, since doing the blog, I re-approached the general idea in the form of a Desert Island Discs style feature and I managed to narrow my choices down with relative ease. One of these days I'll get around to writing it up and posting it.

  2. I read the book ages ago, never got the CD. Never heard that Mark Mulcahy song. Like it a lot.

    1. The CD was a charity shop job purchased much later than the book