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Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday Three Names - Larry Jon Wilson

Well after much threatening and a few false dawns it is finally here - my artists with three names series.

Larry Jon Wilson was not a name I was thinking about when this series was first mooted. However he makes an appearance in both Country Got Soul Volumes 1 and 2 so I thought he should feature.

Spoiler alert - more than one Country artist will feature in this series
Larry Jon was from Georgia and died in 2010 aged 69. He had a smattering of albums in the mid 70's and apparently he his best known for Through the Eyes of Little Children and I Betcha Heaven's on a Dirt Road.

I am not familiar with either of those but these two are pretty tasty.
Another three names next Friday

Larry Jon Wilson - Sheldon Church Yard

Larry Jon Wilson - Ohoopie River Bottomland


  1. Great stuff, someone I didn't know at the time but who was mighty impressive when I took these shots of him:

  2. Cool - one of my first thoughts when you announced this series, glad to see him in the debut post.

  3. Not a name I'm familiar with, but these tunes are good. Three names? Now you've got me thinking. An interesting idea for a series.