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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dylan Covered - Gates of Eden

A fair amount of indifference last week which is a pity as there were two belting versions of Every Grain of Sand.
The unanimous verdict was that Emmylou Harris' version was the better so after week 5 it is Bob 2 Cover Artists 3
Another tough one this week.
I bough Flowers a 1967 album by US born and British based folkie Julie Felix in Forres whilst on my holidays. It contains two excellent Dylan covers Gates of Eden and Chimes of Freedom
I've chosen Gates of Eden as I have previously featured Bob singing Chimes.
Julie is up against Bob's version from 1965's Bringing It All Back Home when he was in the middle of his most famous purple patch and for me this week Mr Dylan just shades it but it was a close call.

As per usual, others may choose to disagree

Bob Dylan -Gates of Eden

Julie Felix - Gates of Eden


  1. I am afraid it's Julie for me but I think I'm going to skew your stats because I seem to always go for the cover.

  2. Dylan, by a country kilometre.

  3. I'm afraid I'm not keen on either, but I'm going to play the game. A close call for me too but Julie just edges it slightly for me because it sounds more melancholy. I like Bob's rougher edge, though. I may change my mind another day!

  4. Bob, by the widest margin so far in this series.