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Friday 26 August 2016

Vintage Country Vinyl - Jackson Browne

The vintage vintage seam has pretty much been mined I'm afraid.
We are now into country rock territory albeit the The Pretender the fourth album by Jackson Browne is actually 40 years old this year
This album was never earmarked for this series primarily because I had totally forgotten that I had it.
It was not until it was plucked from the shelves last weekend as a random selection that it made the list.

Typical Laurel Canyon soft country rock which is alright in relatively small doses. I must admit that I prefer the follow up album Running on Empty probably because I have played it more often
Fellow Laurel Canyon luminaries Don Henley and John David Souther provide the harmonies on the first track  with David Crosby  and Graham Nash doing the honours on the latter

Jackson Browne - The Only Child

Jackson Browne - The Pretender


  1. Must say, I've a soft spot for Jackson Browne - the 80s was a fulcrum point for me in many ways and somehow I found myself listening to several albums of his despite his soft rock schtick being many miles from what I considered to be my usual listening stuff at the time. Actually, now that I'm looking back, that would be the point when I first started listening to Peel and they say, things have never been the same since. Thank fuck for that!

    1. Fortunately the seeds of the Revolution were sprouting Spence

  2. I acknowledge that Jackson Browne has penned some good songs and is massively respected in some quarters, but I've always struggled with the fact that he's so irrevocably connected with The Eagles. I find it hard to get past that.

  3. I was a college student in the 70's. A Long Islander transplanted to the mountains & apple orchards of "Upstate". I thought I had died and landed in heaven. Land, individual freedom, and girls, lots of girls.A few years before that my brother's Christmas present to me was concert tickets to see Laura Nyro at Fillmore East. A very young Jackson Browne opened the show. I wouldn't think anybody could distract me from Laura Nyro. But he did. So soon after Browne put out his first album. I was enamored. And it became the soundtrack to my first year of college. I loved all his albums after that but Late For The Sky was the charmer for me. Still is. I became a bit of a JB groupie, hitch hiking & begging for rides to his shows along the east coast. Last year a friend passed me two tickets to see Jackson Browne. He was still that guy I loved & admired 40 years earlier. It was very cool to be there again with my brother who shares that Fillmore East memory with me. So Jackson Browne has a special place in my musical life. And I'm never afraid to admit it! Ha! But on the Eagles we'll talk...... :)