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Thursday 11 August 2016

Off Windmill

Thursday already and you may well have been wondering what has happened to this week's slice of Americana.
Well wonder no more.
The recent featuring of Patsy Cline by The Guthries in the Namechecked series had me  giving the album from whence it came Off Windmill a listen
An album from 2000 and one I have signed by the band after seeing them at the old Stereo in Glasgow's Kelvinhaugh Street
From Halifax, Nova Scotia the band consisted of siblings Gabriel and Ruth Minnikin and Dale and Brian Murray along with Matt Mays and Serge Samson.
Ruth Milliken is still going strong on the Canadian folk circuit

The Guthries - Better Part of an Hour

The Guthries - Sooner or Later


  1. A tremendous Americana album, great choice this week. And the best music you've posted this week too. Even better than Imagination.

  2. As George says - excellent stuff.