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Thursday 25 August 2016

American Music Club

American Music Club were one of those bands often mention in dispatches in the places and pages where I dabbled.
So I thought I should make it my business to acquire some of their music to see what all the fuss was about.
1991's Everclear seemed to  be the place to start given that Rolling Stone named it as one of the top 5 albums of 1991 and named their notoriously stroppy singer Mark Eitzel as their songwriter of the year.

I was distinctly underwhelmed on the first listen and indeed on the admittedly pretty rare subsequent listens.
I have a Mark Eitzel solo album which falls into the same category.
There well be some of you out there who see things differently

American Music Club - Sick of Food

American Music Club - What The Pillar of Salt Said


  1. Eitzel is an incredibly intense performer, though onstage between songs, he's a very affable man - laugh out loud funny at times. 'Everclear' is a glorious album, but if you were underwhelmed, keep an eye open for 'Mercury' and/or 'San Francisco' as a way into the fold.

  2. "There well be some of you out there who see things differently".
    Not me.

  3. I bought one of theirs. Underwhelmed but could see the appeal.

  4. Going to have to agree with you fellas. I know he has also done some work with the collective known as the Minus 5 too. There have been some fine moments there, but I'm not sure if Eitzel was on the albums that I like. I'll have to investigate.

  5. Shhh. I have this secret penchant for drunk, derelict poets. I often wonder if being a great poets makes them drunks, or being drunk makes them a great poet. I don't know anything about Mark Eitzel except he sings with this rich, deep voice to some very head-scratching songs. Just reading the song titles is dizzy enough. I imagine that he's that drunk, derelict poet and it all works for me. San Francisco is usually the one I reach for but I've always loved "Johnny Mathis' Feet". Silk and amphetamines indeed. Big, bold bombast. It's always loud. Very loud. It's been awhile. Thanks CC for reminding me. I'm gonna pull them out right now. :)