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Wednesday 31 August 2016

Love Must Be Tough

Back in  time again today to 2008 and we are off to Ireland to visit Eleanor McEvoy and partake of  her seventh studio album Love Must be Tough a mixture of covers and self penned selections.

Unlike most folk I didn't first discover her via Only A Woman's Heart. No, I first stumble across her when her quite tremendous cover of Mother's Little Helper popped up on a blog somewhere.
I've featured it before but it is so good that I am going to feature it again.
You are also getting the title track which she wrote with Johnny Rivers and her take on Butch Hancock's He Never Spoke Spanish to Me.
I love the way that her Irish accent occasionally makes an appearance

Eleanor McEvoy - Mother's Little Helper

Eleanor McEvoy - Love Must Be Tough

Eleanor McEvoy -He Never Spoke Spanish To Me


  1. That first track is a bit too jazz-y for me. I'm surprised you like it!

  2. The only album I have of hers is the debut from the early 1990's, with which I became marginally obsessed at the time. I don't know why I didn't stick with her. Nice Butch Hancock cover.

  3. I like the vocals too, but I'm going to side with George this time. Back to a tie, I'm afraid.