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Monday 15 August 2016

Gently Does It

Rachel Sermanni the very talented folk musician from Carrbridge in Strathspey has a gorgeous new song available on Bandcamp called Gently for a very reasonable two quid which you should make it your business to acquire.

Whilst taking this opportunity to promote this it is also an opportunity to post a song from her 2015 album Tied to the Moon released by Middle of Nowhere Recordings
A birthday purchase and one that is currently on heavy rotation.
A true talent.

Rachel Sermanni - Ferryman


  1. Quite lovely and, as you might imagine, right up my street. Rachel's name is definitely going on my list. Very good indeed - thanks for the intro.

  2. The Swede, and yourself, are not wrong there. £2 for 4 tracks, they might find their way over here!

  3. On further inspection, I find that I already have a tune by Rachel Sermanni in my collection, hidden away on the 'Refugee' compilation that I posted about only a few months back. Today I have been mostly over at eMusic, purchasing everything else available by her. Her stuff fits in neatly with the Rachel Dadd/This Is the Kit/Rozi Plain oeuvre that I'm so into. A thousand thanks CC - I'm hooked.

  4. A pleasure Swede - consider it a returned favour for having introduced me to This is the Kit and Rozi Plain
    Off now to check out Rachel Dadd!

  5. I too have been smitten by this, very very good indeed. Thanks CC.

  6. Another great find, fellas.