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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie

Another of the 12 inch purchases was Goodbye Mr MacKenzie by the band of the same name quite possibly the biggest band ever to have come out of Bathgate.
Nowadays they are best known for having Shirley Manson who went on to play with Garbage on keyboards.
Martin Metcalfe was the singer with Big John Duncan of Exploited fame on guitar
They actually put out about about half a dozen albums over the years and are probably best known for this song, Candlestick Park and The Ratler which was the nearest they came to having a hit
The two b-sides are much of a muchness and nothing special and I have opted to include Green Turns Red.
Turns out as is sometimes the case that there was already on the shelves. However this one is in a gatefold sleeve and in better condition so the other one will get dispatched.

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie - Goodbye Mr MacKenzie

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie -Green Turns Red


  1. Their second album 'Hammer & Tongs' got quite a bit of shop play when I worked in Our Price back in the day. I still have it I think, had a great sleeve too!

  2. Your so-called modest acquisition of three 12"singles is looking better than advertised. Now I'm quite curious about that third one.

  3. This is a brilliant single. I turned a number of people on to the band by playing them this one.