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Sunday 14 August 2016

Some Sunday Jazz Funk Soul

Is it soul? Is it funk? Is it Acid Jazz? Is it Jazz Funk?
It is 25p well spent that's what it is!
A couple of tracks from Do Your Own Thing from the very recently purchased 1990 album by The James Taylor Quartet.
There may be better songs on the second side but I haven't got that far yet. These two are not bad though
Somewhat strangely on the album cover j.t.q. as they are referred to only consists of three members
James Taylor (fairly obviously) on Hammond Organ, David Taylor (presumably his brother) on guitar and John Willmott (no relation as far as I am aware) on saxophone.
They are no Imagination as I am sure George will agree

James Taylor Quartet - Love The Life

James Taylor Quartet - J.T.Q. Theme


  1. That first track is much much much much (etc) better than last week. Track 2: sounds like music for a film soundtrack (less good)

  2. I used to quite like a bit of JTQ.

  3. Good to hear this again. Part of the Acid Jazz scene, though rarely on the Acid Jazz label as I recall. There were a few interesting bands on that label that I used to play a lot; Mother Earth, Night Trains and Emperor's New Clothes among them.

  4. I was sure I had this on 12" but it appears to have gone missing. Like SA I like quite a bit of James Taylor and I have to agree they are no Imagination, thank fuck.